8BC 91 | Looting & Queuing, Division-Style

Hello and welcome to episode 91 of 8BitChatter (steadily creeping up to the big 100). The subject on everybody’s lips this week is The Division, with Kevin, in particular, already sinking over 40 hours into Ubisoft’s online shooter/RPG/thing. Is it good? Was it worth all the hype? What does the future look like post level cap? All this and more will be answered. Meanwhile, Jordan has no time for all this new-fangled nonsense and instead opted to dive into PS2 classics Rachet & Clank and Grand Theft Auto III, Evan has finally built his own PC and so has been going Steam crazy. Kevin has bunkered down and become just like the paranoid survivalists from The Division, and Liam regales the Chimps with stories from Stardew Valley and endless digital queuing.

Hope you enjoy the episode and then come into the Dark Zone with us, where we totally won’t stab you in the back.

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