8BitChimp is always looking to expand and find passionate people who would like to gain experience in the journalism field. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any sort of payment for your content. The largest benefit of writing for 8BitChimp is experience and exposure to the industry. You are able to experience what it is like to cover the news, develop high quality original content, and even partake in podcasts if you’re willing. We have a fantastic team of people that love newcomers; we’re an ever-growing family. The one thing we ask of you is consistency. If you’re able to write content once a week, we’d love for you to join us. If you can only write once a month, we’d love for you to join us. Communicate with us what your schedule is, and we can adhere to it; all we ask is that you attempt to keep to it. If you’re interested in applying, please fill out the application below. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.