Changing Our Review Scale

So, you can probably tell what this article is about simply from the title, but 8BitChimp has decided it’s in our best intentions to switch up the way we do our reviews. It’s not necessarily because we have a problem with numbered reviews, but we feel our new scale adequately provides our readers with the reviews they need. Without further ado, please read our new and improved review scale below. Starting right now, this will be implemented in all future reviews on 8BitChimp.

Here at 8BitChimp we strive to bring you an honest and fair opinion of all the games we review. As gamers ourselves we understand the most important question gamers want answered about a new game: “Is this game worth my hard earned money?” We feel the old methods of assigning a score or letter grade to a game are antiquated and often more confusing than helpful. In an effort to answer the most pertinent question gamers have about a new game, we have developed a new review scale.


Worth Every Penny: This is the highest rating we give a game. This is a game that will leave you completely satisfied with your purchase. This includes genre or console defining games, to sequels and sports titles that provide hours upon hours of enjoyment.


Catch It On Sale: These are games that do most things right, but come up short in other aspects. This can include new I.P.’s that have a lot of potential, but don’t quite hit the mark, sequels that tread on far too familiar territory, sports titles that don’t offer enough innovation over the previous year to justify a full retail purchase, or games with significant bugs or online issues that detract from the overall product. There is a lot of fun to be had with these games, but some issues may leave you questioning a purchase at the full retail price. Give these games a few months, and catch them on sale. You’ll be much more satisfied with your purchase, and it could also give the developers time to patch any bugs or online problems.


Give It A Rental: Games that garner this rating have significant issues or lack longevity. These games are best rented first, before you actually make a commitment to purchase the game. There is fun to be had with these games. Unfortunately, the game’s flaws often get in the way of that enjoyment. Games can also receive this rating if they lack longevity. Retail games that can be finished in a day or two, no matter how exceptional they are, could receive this rating.


Only If It’s Free: These are games with little to no redeeming qualities. Only try these games if they are free. Maybe you’re the one gamer in a thousand that likes this game. If not, all you wasted was time.


Don’t Touch It: Your time, however, is precious and we realize that even if free, there are some games you should stray away from. This category is incredibly rare and is reserved for games that are utterly broken and unplayable, and for that reason, we don’t recommend you spend an ounce of your precious time with it.

As stated before, we think this new review scale provides you with the answers most gamers need. Give us some feedback though! Let us know your thoughts on the new system in the comments down below!

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  1. Great scale! We used a similar one on SpawnFirst when I ran it: Buy Now – Editor’s Choice, Buy Now, Buy Cheap, Rent, and Avoid. Our viewers loved the scoring system.

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