Nein Reasons to be Excited for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Nazis and Robots and Nazi Robots, Oh My!

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be launching in less than 24 hours now, and what better way to celebrate than counting down with “Nein Reasons” to be excited! What? What do you mean “nein” means no? “No Reasons to be Excited for Wolfenstein: The New Order?” You’re Nazirious right? That’s the opposite of what I want to portray! I’m Führerious right now! Why wasn’t I informed? What am I supposed to do now? This situation is totally out of Mein Kampfort zone! This is the wurst. Here are “nein” reasons why you should be excited for Wolfenstein: The New Order!


wolfenstein: the new order

Just a man, and his gun, and probably some Nazi scalps.

Nummer Neun: Wolfenstein: The New Order will be single-player-only. It’s not that I loathe multiplayer, but often there is too much time and development spent between the two modules, and they in turn cannibalize each other. This decision has given MachineGames the opportunity to deliver a laser focused and spectacular single player campaign.


wolfenstein: the new order

You are Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, the American War Hero. Prepare to kill some Nazi scum.

Nummer Acht: Brian Bloom will be voicing protagonist William “B.J.” Blazkowicz. While Bloom is not the most well known voice actor, his resume continues to grow quite notably. Just last year he voiced Black Mask in Batman: Arkham Origins and Russ in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Along with his role in Wolfenstein: The New Order, he will also be returning as Varric Tethras in Dragon Age: Inquisition later this year. Hopefully he will be able to bring new dimension to B.J., and I am very optimistic about such possibilities.


neumond classics

Who doesn’t love Nazi rock and roll?

Nummer Sieben: The music, oh, the music. Bethesda has gone to great lengths and created a fictional record label, Neumond Recording Company, and an entire soundtrack of Nazi rock and roll hits that might have developed in a world in which the Germans won WWII. Bethesda could have shoehorned in an average soundtrack, but instead took a unique approach to this aspect of Wolfenstein: The New Order. I mean, just listen to this familiar cover. I mean, I would never support Nazi rock and roll, but dang, this is freakin’ good.


wolfenstein: the new order.

Guns and guns and lots more guns.

Nummer Sechs: The weapons in Wolfenstein: The New Order will range and differ drastically throughout the campaign. MachineGames has broken up the weapons into three different categories. In the beginning of the campaign, the guns will be realistic and faithful to the WWII time period. As you advance though, you will begin to see weapons that fit into the 1960’s sci-fi period, but those that are still grounded in advancement, i.e. adding attachments for an additive burst mode, larger magazines or even suppressors. The final category is retro sci-fi weapons, “a reflection of that generation’s dreams” for weapons, in which we will see far more creative and crazier contraptions. Every category will provide a unique experience, one that I am overtly excited for.


wolfenstein: the new order

It has not yet been confirmed, but head shots seem to be more effective.

Nummer Fünf: Did I mention that the enemies in Wolfenstein: The New Order are Nazis? And you get to kill their faces, hard? Did I mention that? I think that’s reason enough to want to check it out. You know, unless you’re a Nazi. In which, you should probably get back to your Nazi business, and stop reading this…


doom beta access

Preorder Wolfenstein: The New Order to access the Doom beta.

Nummer Vier: Preordering Wolfenstein: The New Order will grant you access to the upcoming Doom beta. Doom (previously titled Doom 4) is the upcoming installment in the Doom series and is also being developed by id Software. If Wolfenstein: The New Order pans out to be a successful reinvigoration and re-imagination of the franchise, then that ultimately bodes well for Doom. If not, at least you can sell your beta code on eBay, right?



Deathshead is returning to fill that maniacal-Nazi-scientist-sized hole in your heart.

Nummer Drei: The return of “B.J.” Blazkowicz also signals the return of Oberführer Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse. Yes, Deathshead is returning to fill the maniacal-Nazi-scientist-sized hole in your heart you never knew you had. And after the lack of any real antagonist in the previously id Tech 5 produced Rage, such a psychopath to help dictate and define the narrative is hugely applauded.


wolfenstein: the new order

It’s funny because there is a Nazi on the moon.

Nummer Zwei: The mixture of humor and horror is hugely attractive for a lover of many different genres. Yes, Nazi bits and chucks and visceral happenings will be strewn left and right. Yes, you also awake from a 14-year coma, almost immediately tossing and tearing those Nazi innards across various distances. Wolfenstein: The New Order appears to have created coexisting themes and circumstances, in an entirely conjugal collaboration, which hit all of the right notes.


wolfenstein: the new order

Maybe the Panzerhund just wants to play fetch. With your intestinal tract.

Nummer Eins: I mean, seriously, what the **** else are you playing right now? Oh, you’re going to play WATCH_DOGS in a week? You’re going to play a game full of lies and deceit? WATCH_DOGS doesn’t even have dogs in it! Wolfenstein: The New Order has giant robot Nazi dogs! GIANT. ROBOT. NAZI. DOGS. ‘Nuff said.


Are you excited for Wolfenstein: The New Order? Are you excited for any of the same reasons? Are there any other reasons that you’re excited? Could you care less about the title? Leave a comment below, and let us know! And as always, if you want to stay up to date on Wolfenstein: The New Order, and all other upcoming titles, you’re already in the right place,!

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