At 8BitChimp we strive to bring you a honest and fair opinion of every title we review. 8BitChimp uses a 5/5 system, which we feel accurately depicts how we feel about a certain title. After much consideration, we’ve decided to move forward with this scale for the foreseeable future as it fits 8BitChimp the best. It is important to note that, though they aren’t depicted below, 8BitChimp supports 0.5 intervals between each whole number. Below you will find an example of our review scale. If you have any questions, you can contact us however you’d like.


Amazing: An amazing game is one that is well worth your money. Thought not perfect, this title is sure to please you in more than one way. Whether it be through stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, or an engrossing story, this game will be one for the books. It might falter in a few ways, but it is nothing the title can’t recover from.


Great: A great title is a game that you’ll play through, enjoy your time immensely, but it isn’t quite a title you’ll remember by the end of the generation. It has a few faults that hold it back from true amazement, but this game is still well worth your purchase because it succeeds in many ways.


Average: An average game is one that doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t innovate nor even exactly improve upon other games. It simply exists. It’s not terrible; though in every way it amazes, it also screws up. Think carefully on these titles.


Poor: A poor game is a title that isn’t worth your time. Unless you’re extremely interested in the subject matter of the title, you’ll find it hard to truly enjoy the game. There might be a few shining lights at the end of the tunnel, but there’s too many objects in the way to desire even reaching the light.


Terrible: This is the rarest option on our entire scale. To earn the title of a “terrible game”, the game must either not be functioning correctly or so horrid that our eyes can barely handle how terrible it is. We do not recommend ever purchasing these titles as they aren’t worth your money, time, or even interest.

It is important to remember that a review is nothing more than one person’s opinion. Our reviews are merely one voice in a sea of thousands. We cannot guarantee that you will always agree with our reviews, however, we can guarantee that our reviews will be fair, honest, and informed.